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The Risks Associated with Losing at Poker

November 14, 2017


Like any other online game such as judi dadu online, ceme online, etc., poker has its own share of risks. You can lose your cash and become broke. However, there is more to that the issue of money. Apart from the normal, there are other crucial risks from losing that can easily affect your poker prowess. Let’s check them out:

1. You can easily lose your self-control

Self-control is one of the virtues you need to have if you want to win every poker game, apart from strategy of course. It is important to know the right move is important, but it without self-control, it will be difficult for you to execute anything. For instance, if you have a well-structured and competitive list of hands to suit your circumstances but you are not patient enough to fold hands that are not on the list, it really does not matter if you have correct hands.



Remedy- the best antidote for self-control is loss limit. You set a given amount of cash, that once you lose it, it is a sign for you to quit the game, no matter how much you believe in the game you should just quit. For instance, you can choose to set the loss limit as two complete purchase-ins of $1000. If you lose $2000 you quit the game no matter what.

2. Futility

This is known as variation of steaming. However, it features a special flavor. Sometimes, when you lose it can bring about a sense of utility. Once you lose a lot of cash, you will be more than willing to spend the remaining amount even if you know you might not benefit anything from it,

 Poker is a great game, but you need to be careful when playing it. You need to understand the risk associated with the game, so that you know how to strategize and plan yourself before playing the game.







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